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【作者】 周红英王建华闫凤云 【Author】 ZHOU Hong-ying,WANG Jian-hua,YAN Feng-yun(1.College of Agronomy,Shandong Agricultural University,Taian 271018,China;2.People’s Hospital of Dongming,Dongming 274500,China) 【机构】 山东农业大学农学院山东省东明县人民医院 山东泰安271018山东泰安271018山东东明274500 【摘要】 目的:建立一种RP-HPLC方法,用于分离测定甘葛藤茎、叶中葛根素大豆苷大豆苷元的含量,为甘葛藤茎、叶的开发利用提供依据。方法:采用C18色谱柱,甲醇(A)-1%冰醋酸(B)溶液为流动相,梯度洗脱,流速为1 mL.min-1,检测波长250 nm,柱温25℃。结果:3个化合物在测定的范围内具有良好的线性(r>0.9995),方法的回收率在99.0%~101.6%。甘葛藤的茎中葛根素、大豆苷和大豆苷元的含量较叶中高。结论:所建立的方法准确、可靠,可作为甘葛藤的茎、叶中葛根素、大豆苷和大豆苷元含量测定的方法。  【Abstract】 Objective: To separation and determine the contents of puerarin,daidzin and daidzein in the stems and the leaves of Pueraria thomsonii,and to provide scientific basis for developing and using of the stems and the leaves.Method: A RP-HPLC method was applied with a DiamonsilTM C18column(4.6 mm×150 mm,5 μm) by gradient elution using methanol-1% glacial acetic acid solution as the mobil phase.The flow rate was 1 mL·min-1and the detective wavelength was 250 nm,the column temperature was 25 ℃.Result: All of the three compounds showed good linearities(r>0.999 5) and the recoveries were in the range of 99.0%-101.6%.The contents of puerarin,daidzin and daidzein in the stems are higher than those in the leaves.Conclusion: The method was accurate and could be used to contral the quality of the stems and leaves of P.thomsonii.